Judge Odell S. Holmes, Jr.

"Since I think it is most important to understand a Mediator’s philosophy and approach to Mediation, I address mine, before listing any other qualifications which you may deem important.

I have been mediating with TAMS since its inception almost 19 years ago.
I am committed to the process and believe that it works. I have seen it work in nearly every Mediation that I have handled, and in some, where I thought it wouldn’t. Rather than that being a tribute to me, it does speak to the fact that people who are engaged in litigation desire to resolve their differences in a friendlier forum where the ultimate resolution of their problem is within their control rather than in a courtroom. I tell participants in the Mediation that they can be the “architect” of their own agreement rather than leaving it to the uncertainty of a decision by a judge or a jury. Certainly, it is that “trading off” of certainty for the uncertainty of the adversarial process that motivates people to resolve their differences, aside from the delay and expense of litigation. I have been fortunate enough to have assisted in that process in a wide spectrum of cases, including personal injury, insurance claims, employment cases, contract disputes, deceptive trade practices cases, and many others.

Settlements range from a minimal amount to over a million dollars in cases that I have mediated reflecting the balance I try to bring to the process as an impartial and neutral Mediator. Given the opportunity, I would bring my talents, efforts, and commitment to the objective of settling your cases." -Judge Odell S. Holmes, Jr


• Texas Western College (now the University of Texas at El Paso) Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (1966)

• Baylor University Law School, Juris Doctorate Degree (1968)


• Practicing Attorney since 1968
• Assistant District Attorney in El Paso (1968-1969)
• City Prosecutor (1975-1979)
• Elected Municipal Court Judge and served as the Trial Judge of Municipal Court No. 1 (1979 to 1985)
• Elected Appellate Judge, Municipal Court of Appeals for the City of El Paso (1985 to present)
• Law Firm of Collins, Langford, and Pine (1969 to 1973)
• Private Practice of Law, handling matters involving personal injury cases, family law, criminal law, probate and estate planning in the general practice of law as a solo practitioner (1973 to present)


• Certified Mediator (mediated hundreds of cases and has also served as an Arbitrator in others)
• Past President of the El Paso Young Lawyers Association
• Past President of the El Paso Trial Lawyers Association
• Former Officer and Director of the Texas Young Lawyers Association
• Past President of the Westside YMCA Branch Council
• El Paso’s Outstanding Young Lawyer in 1975
• Director, Region V, Texas Municipal Courts Association
• Director, Region V, Texas Municipal Courts Education Center


Odell S. Holmes, Jr. is a native El Pasoan married to Annette. They have twin daughters, Courtney and Amanda, who both have received their Masters’ Degrees in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin as Nurse Practitioners. A son, James, a middle school teacher in San Diego, California, teaching math and science, holds a Masters’ Degree from Columbia University in Educational Administration. He is the father of my only two grandchildren, Gavin and Bella.