Since 1991....

In 1991 TAMS was founded as a professional firm of retired judges and certified mediators commited to goal;  providing the legal community with the finest dispute resolution sevices in the southwest.

This was the goal on day one and is still the goal today.


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At TAMS, we think it's important to inform you of the notable settlements and verdicts in the Southwest.

Settlements & Verdicts

  • Verdict: $4.4m. 327th District Court; Subcontractor's worker injured in trench collapse; Plaintiff sued General. General designated subcontractor as responsible 3rd party; $80,000 in medicals, Mediation demand of $4.5m; Mediation offer of $100,000; 0% responsiblity on responsible 3rd party. May of 2010.
  • Verdict: $638,000. County Court # 3; Non-Subscriber; 15 year old run over by forklift breaking tibia in left leg; Plaintiff claimed negligence and gross negligence; $88,000 in medicals; Demand of $195,000; Offer of $90,000. April of 2010.
  • Verdict: $113,000. 327th District Court; Slip and Fall; 71 year old Plaintiff slipped and fell in a large retail/grocery store; Plaintiff claimed negligence and required shoulder rotator cuff surgery; $32,000 in medicals; Last demand of $150,000; Offer of $18,000. May of 2010.
  • Settlement: $275,000. 171st District Court; Medical malpractice/wrongful death; failure to provide appropriate medical screening and treatment. March of 2010. Alan Nasits, Mediator.
  • Settlement: $180,000. 346th District Court; Non-subscriber with benefit plan; employee fell injuring left knee (meniscus tear); Past medicals of $31,125.99 Claimed future medicals of $20,000; Claimed lost wages. May of 2010. Hector Zavaleta, Mediator
  • Settlement: $67,500. 448th District Court; Wrongful retaliation/race discrimination; January of 2010. Alan Nasits, Mediator
  • Settlement: $800,000. 352nd District Court (Tarrant County); Wrongful death/tractor trailer accident; November of 2009. Hector Zavaleta, Mediator
  • Settlement: $80,000. 171st Judicial District, Plaintiff attacked by two rottweilers; $12,000 in past medical; $2,000 in lost wages. Oct of 2009. Alan Nasits, Mediator
  • Settlement: $550,000. 3rd Judicial District, New Mexico; Employee of subcontractor injured at construction site (broken ankle, injured wrist and leg); $88,400 in medicals; Claimed lost wages of $27,000. August of 2009. Alan Nasits, Mediator